Sister Act
15th to 18th June 2022
Karen Bird
Musical Director
Patrick Naylor
Jessy Lawrie

Initial Schedule
4 Jan 2022Tuesday7:30pm-10pmSchoolRead / sing throughAnyone interested in show and all those cast
6 Jan 2022Thursday7:30pm-10pmSchoolAudition prepAnyone wanting to audition & practice
11 Jan 2022Tuesday7:30pm-10pmSchoolCompany Singing
13 Jan 2021Thursday7:30pm-10pmSchoolAudition prepAnyone wanting to audition & practice.
Audition slips in by end of tonight’s rehearsal.
18 Jan 2022Tuesday7:30pm-10pmSchoolAuditions
20 Jan 2022Thursday7:30pm-10pmSchoolPrincipal rehearsalTBC
25 Jan 2022Tuesday7:30pm-10pmSchoolCompany rehearsal.
AGM at 9pm
Full Company

Audition Slip

Audition Songs

Audition Libretto Pieces

Character Sketches

Show Info
Come to the rehearsals to find out more information regarding rehearsals and auditions!

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