Woodley Light Operatic Society

Director and Choreographer - Jane Murphy
Assistant Choreographer - Claire Rowell
Musical Director - Patrick Naylor

Sir Richard Cholmondely - Philip Scott
Colonel Fairfax - Jasper McGuire
Sergeant Meryll - John Bagshaw
Leonard Meryll - Lee Anderson
Jack Point - Chris Wakelin
Wilfred Shadbolt - Tony Towers
First Yeoman - Alistair Parry
Second Yeoman - John Robertson
Elsie Maynard - Laura Curtis-Dagg
Phoebe Meryll - Julie Elizabeth Easton
Dame Carruthers - Gill Scott
Kate - Michelle Nelson

The Yeomen

Alistair Parry, Andy Norman, John Robertson, Keith Bosely

The Townspeople

Caroline Wright, Chris Havercan, Deidre Mountjoy, Eva Waldren, Jane Wilson, Jenny Stacey, Margaret Watson, Simone Worringham, Keith Bosely (First Citizen), Lee Anderson (Second Citizen), Richard Rogers


Caroline Wright, Michelle Nelson